Supplier Terms and Conditions

  1. If not otherwise covered by this document the Global Aviation Company Purchase Orders will communicate any processes, products, or services to be provided from a vendor.
  2. The requirements for the approval of products shall be outlined per the instructions contained on the Purchase Order.
  3. Suppliers to Global Aviation Company shall provide a signed manufacturer’s certification of conformance (CofC) with each shipment. The Certificate of Conformance shall include the following:
    1. Purchase Order number
    2. Part number
    3. Quantity
    4. Manufacturer’s Name
    5. Lot / batch number (if applicable)
      1. For shipments containing multiple lot numbers, each lot should be segregated to maintain traceability within the shipment.
    6. Serial Number (if applicable)
    7. A statement that the parts conform to the applicable specification requirements
  4. If parts ordered are export controlled either ITAR or EAR then ITAR category or ECCN should be supplied on CofC or packing slip.
  5. Suppliers to Global Aviation Company shall provide, when applicable, an authorized release certificate (ARC) i.e. FAA 8130-3, EASA Form 1, TCCA Form 1, Etc. When available the original ARC should be supplied. When a copy is all that is available it should be stamped or marked to indicate that it is a certified true copy of the original.
  6. Global Aviation Company monitors delivery performance and maintains a quality history of each vendor.
  7. Global Aviation Company expects our suppliers to:
    1. Implement a Quality Management System (QMS);
    2. Use designated or approved external providers including process sources;
    3. Notify Global Aviation Company of nonconforming processes, products or services and obtain approval for their disposition;
    4. Prevent the use of suspected unapproved, unapproved, and counterfeit parts;
    5. Notify Global Aviation Company of changes to processes, products, or services, including changes in external providers (affecting the product) or location of manufacture;
    6. Flow down to external providers applicable requirements including customer requirements;
    7. Provide a CofC, test reports or authorized release certificate. as applicable;
    8. Retain documented information, including retention periods and disposition requirements.
  8. Global Aviation, its customers, and regulatory agencies shall have the right of entry, upon reasonable scheduling, to any level of the supply chain necessary to determine and verify the quality of contracted work, records and material. The supplier shall provide facilities, equipment and personnel as necessary for the task.
  9. All suppliers to Global Aviation Company should make their employees aware of:
    1. Their contribution to product or service conformity;
    2. Their contribution to product safety;
    3. The importance of ethical behavior.